The People We Depend On Aren't
Accidents of Proximity or Privilege

Our Diversity Journey

Prioritise Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in prioritizing D&I targets, internally, for our portfolio companies and for our efforts in the broader ecosystem out to 2024. The annual McRock IIoT Symposium applauds the efforts of industry leaders in diversity.

We deploy software tools to reduce unconscious bias during due diligence and regularly assess inclusion at the workplace. As one of the first Canadian adopters of ILPA’s Code of Conduct Guidelines, we have a commitment to transparency and ESG reporting.

Adopt and
Champion Change

Leading &

As the first female Chair of the CVCA, Whitney led the first D&I Taskforce and Committee at the CVCA.

Ha co-founded Alberta Female Founders, Funders and Fortifiers.

We play a meaningful role in programs such as the Black Innovation Fellowship, and mentor rising professionals through Canadian Women in Private Equity, amongst other intiatives.

Team McRock regularly speaks about diversity and hosts inclusive industry events. We care about raising awareness about the impact of D&I on the productivity, creativity and financial performance of an organization.


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